Wood Borers

Wood Borers


Wood-boring beetles are a type of insect whose larvae or adult forms feed off and can destroy wooden materials. The scientific name of wood borers is the Hylotrupes bajulus. It appears in Black and brown in color with a length up to 8-25 mm. On the thorax of wood borers, you find greyish hair with two black spots that resemble eyes. They are usually visible below the infested timber. Eggs vary in size depending on the beetle. However, it is difficult to spot the eggs with a naked eye. Wood borer larvae are creamy and is curved in shape.


Normal Wood-boring insects feed on dead or dying trees. However, some wood borers attack healthy trees. Adult wood borers lay eggs in a suitable tree and then hatch into larvae. Some wood borers dig a tunnel into the wood of the tree. Once the larvae are completed developed, the adults chew an exit hole through the bark. In fact, wood borers bear an important ecological role in facilitating tree decomposition.

Life Span

Adult wood borers can live for up to 16 months feeding on wood. They lay eggs on the surface or below. The wood borer larvae is curved in shape and bore along the grain for 8-9 months. Pupa of the wood bores develops just below the surface.

Consequences due to wood borers

Many wood borer types are harmless. Rather than the direct effects, the adult beetles seem to open up the way for a secondary attack by wood-rotting thus hastening decay.

Wood Borers

SVD Wood Borers Management Service

SVD pest control is the best service provider in India offering top-class treatment service that can help protect your wood furniture from the wood borer. As the amount of damage incurred for the wood treatment is high and so it is best to keep you self-protected. As a part of the wood borer treatment, our technicians inject the wood preservative chemicals into the holes dug by wood borers using special syringes. Also, petroleum-based chemicals are sprayed across the suspected furniture to prevent damage.

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