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Termite Inspection

Termite infestation is quite common. So, it is advised to have the termite inspection for your home or business once a year. It is especially required when you have a home with wood that comes in contact with the ground. Well, if you are planning to buy a home or starting a new business, then late winter is an ideal time. Once the termite colony starts to build up, some of the termites leave the colony and try to form new colonies. Termites that leave the colony are termed as swarmer’s. It is better to catch a termite colony before it does major damage to your property.

Ttermite Inspection
Ttermite Inspection

Benefits of SVD Pest Control Termite Inspection

Termites are scary and the extent of damage they do is unpredictable. A proper and professional termite inspection is necessary to get rid of these tremendously destructive termites. SVD Pest Control Termite Inspection is carried out by specialists who have in-depth knowledge about termites.

We use the state of the art technology that includes the Termatrac and Thermal imaging Camera to detect termites that are invisible. Our termite experts use automated detection devices to confirm the presence. Regular inspections from our experts can help understand termite species and recommend the best termite treatment. If you have identified any termite activity, we recommend scheduling a termite inspection right away with us.

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