Ants species come in different shapes and sizes. Irrespective of the size and shape, the ants belong to three different colony castes which includes queens, males, or workers.


Of the different colony castes, Queens are fertile and lay millions of eggs to build up a colony. As for the workers, they are a wingless female that collect food, defend the colony, feed larvae, and maintains the nest. Male ants only job is to mate with the queen during swarming.

Life Span

Ants live for decades and can lay up to 800 eggs in a day. It houses millions of young ants.

Consequences due to Ants

Several ants can invade our home without our knowledge. Some of the species eat your food while others eat away from your house. Sugar ants aren’t much destructive, they just love snacking food. All you need is to keep your kitchen clean to get rid of these. If you still see them marching across the kitchen counter, it’s time to call a professional.


The destructive ants to look for is the carpenter ant. They make tunnels and nest in wood. In case you don’t identify the ant infestation on time then it can cause serious damage. A carpenter ant infestation means there is a severe moisture problem.

SVD Ants Management Service

Before proceeding with the Ant control, it is important to identify the species. Ants species such as the Pharaoh ants can be controlled easily by setting a bait, while the others cannot. So, to get rid of these ants successfully, it is necessary to find the colony and treat it accordingly. SVD Ant control professionals have a great experience to identify ant colonies and kill them. Book your service now with SVD pest control and get rid of the ants that are troubling your home and business.

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