Silverfish are teardrop-shaped insects. They are usually seen in bluish silver or brown-grey in color. It measures at about 12-19 mm in length with three long bristles-like appendages on the rear. Adult silverfish can grow up to ¾ inches in length. They do not have wings.


Though silverfish don’t seem to be dangerous, still it can contaminate food sources, wallpaper, books, pictures, stain clothing, and other goods. They can infest into the kitchens, bathrooms, laundry room, basement, and every other area that are dark. Over horizontal surfaces, silverfish have fish-like wiggling movements and are extremely fast.

Life Span

The lifespan of a silverfish is around two to eight years. Surprisingly! It can live for more than a year without eating. They reproduce quickly and can produce 30 – 60 eggs at a time.

Consequences due to Silverfish

Silverfish pose a mild risk to humans and they may trigger allergies in a few. Their presence attracts carpet beetles which cause unease because of the strange appearance. While indoors, silverfish can cause damage to personal items like stored paper files, books, and vintage clothes. If you see a silverfish on the bathroom floor, then it is a good chance that there are many hiding in y our walls.


SVD Silverfish Management Service

Protect your family and belonging to the SVD pest control service. We follow a harmless process for the elimination of the silverfish. After removing the silverfish from your site, our experienced staff can help prevent further penetration of silverfish into your habitat. After inspecting the location, our team explains the severity of silverfish along with the solution to tackle the solution effectively.

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