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Over the past few years, termites seem to show up potential damage to the house especially on the wood bearing furniture. Getting rid of these termites is a matter of house safety and concern. Though professional help is quite necessary, you can even try some DIY termite treatment measures to get rid of termites.

Track down the termite infestation:

The first thing to consider before proceeding with a proper solution is to track down the area of the termite infestation. Look for the signs and try to determine the type of termite infestation.

Set a cardboard trap

Now that you are aware of the termite type and location, try creating a cardboard trap. Though it cannot completely eliminate the termite colonies, still it can help remove hundreds of termites.

Expose wood furniture to sunlight

If the termite infestation is on the wooden furniture, try to expose the item to sunlight. This method can help kill termites at a time.

Get professional help:

The above methods work only if there is a small part affected by termites. However, if you think that the infestation has spread in large areas around the home or business, you should definitely call a professional termite control service provider.

Why trust SVD pest control termite solutions?

Firstly, we provide pest control at a reasonable price. Though many of us may not accept it is the truth!

All our termite control chemicals are eco-friendly thus providing the customers a safer and healthier environment during and after the termite treatment. Also, we provide the necessary eradication services for the termite infested areas.

Termite Solutions

SVD pest control also offers basic clean up service after the completion of the termite treatment. Call us today at 9848588024 to book a service.

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