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Bandicoot Rat


Dark, have about 30-40 cms of the long tail, and weighs around 1.4Kg. It looks like the Mole-Rat.

Life Span

The life span of the female Bandicoot Rat is between 8-10 litters. While the young has 8-14 per litter life span.


Bandicoot rats are aggressive especially when threatened. It can further make pig-like grunts while attacking. They are aggressive burrowers that are capable enough to make tunnels into the warehouses and concrete foundations. They are often found outdoors and live in farmlands and fields.

Consequences due to Bandicoot Rat

We now know that the Bandicoot rats are a great threat to humans as well as pets. As they are extremely hazardous risks attributed to the survival of the Bandicoot rats in our surroundings. It can lead to perilous diseases such as Tuberculosis, Salmonella, E.coli, and Weil’s disease. Moreover, they can even act as carriers of flies, ticks, and mites that can cause an intensive allergic reaction.

Bandicoot Rats

Talking of the business, the Bandicoot rat shows substantial effects in the food processing and beverage industry. If the goods are not produced in a healthy and hygienic condition, then it can lead to severe consequences. Also, it can destroy the office appliances, wires, pipes, and other equipment on business premises.

SVD Bandicoot Rat Management Service

SVD pest control services are proficient enough to handle the situation efficiently. They have sophisticated equipment that can eliminate and eradicate bandicoots. The best part of the service is a free site inspection that gives you the report of the source of attraction, the intensity of infestation, and can find the rat species. SVD pest control expertise team offer customized rat control solution that is designed according to the client requirements.

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