The size and shape of the spider vary according to the spider species. While some spider webs are funnel-shaped, some are oval shapes and others are orb-shaped. One of the distinct spider webs to look for is the Black widow. They are not geometric and nether well-organized. They are woven as random web dens to trap insects. It is helpful in detecting the availability of black widows.


Due to the small brains, the behaviour of the spiders is innate and invariable. They show cognitive abilities changing their behaviour according to their needs. Some spider species are attracted to environments like sheds, walls, basements, and more. Few other species live in burrows instead of webs. They feed on insects, flies, ants, and even other spider species.

Life span of Spiders

Some spiders have a lifespan of less than a year, while others can live up for about twenty years. Because of its size, they are ought to face many dangers which reduce the chance of living.

Consequences due to Spiders

Of all the spider species, Black widows are dangerous and easy to spot. The black widow venom can be fatal. A bite from the black widow manifests weakness, tremors, muscle cramps , and pain. Brown Recluse spiders are the most dangerous species around the world. As its appearance seems to similar to other spiders, it becomes hard enough to find. Though the bite seems to be painless instantly, over time it results in pain, vomiting, severe itching, and blistering.


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