Houseflies are gray in color and are 4 to 8mm long in size. The entire body is covered with hair-like projections. Female houseflies are larger than males with more space between eyes. As they have sucking mouthparts, they do not bite. They also have a pair of membranous wings with a wingspan of 13-15 mm.


Indoor houseflies rest on walls, floors, ceilings, and nearly any human food source. Outdoor houseflies rest on the ground, trash cans, and ground. These flies are good at flying and hold the capacity to fly up to 8 Km. Talking of breeding, the houseflies can breed throughout the year in warm climates. In cold climates, flies stop breeding before the winter. Normally, houseflies breed on animal dung, trash cans. Decaying vegetables, human excrement, and animal materials.

Life Span

Though the houseflies don’t have a longer lifespan, they can reproduce in large numbers. It leads to a large housefly population if remains unidentified.

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