Cockroaches are quite familiar ones. However, to describe they are flat, oval-shaped that are oily to touch. Depending on the environment, it may be warm or cool to touch. The Head is small is has shield-like protection called pronotum. Its mouth is directed down and backward.


Cockroaches are seen in the dark, moist areas around and inside the house or a business. Though most of them can be seen in dark areas, they can even be found hidden behind furniture and other appliances. Also, they can be found in kitchen cabinets, cupboards. Of course! It is very frustrating! They are omnivores, and many cockroach species can eat virtually anything such as clothing, paper, wood as the termites do.

Life Span

Female adult cockroaches are estimated to have a lifespan of 180 days, while the males can go up to 160 days. Well! The fact is cockroaches are claimed to be the longest living insects on the planet.

Consequences due to Cockroaches

Rather than the rural communities, the urban people are quite affected by the cockroach infestation. Of course! It isn’t limited to this neighbourhood. One of the strongest risk factors of cockroach infestation is Asthma development. Apart from this, it can lead to several dangerous medical emergencies.


SVD Cockroaches Management Service

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